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Love + Legacy


newborn-photographer-dublinWe’re in the process of creating a new website at the moment. Mainly to make it a much nicer mobile experience but to also freshen it up and showcase some new and powerful images of families that we’ve had the honour to photograph over the last year. The site is getting there! It’s taking longer than I had hoped for but I think (and hope) it will really be worth all the effort in the end! We’re hoping to have it live for the end of November – so fingers crossed!

One of the most time-consuming parts has been choosing the images for the new site. I’ve been trying to select the images that really convey what we do best and to give you an idea of what you can expect from a photo shoot with us. In the process of picking out the images, some of them really jumped out and made a really big impact on me. At first I couldn’t really work out why these images above others had this effect on me. When I went back through them what struck me in these images was a really strong connection and a very tangible feeling of love.


We always strive to capture that connection in our shoots – sometimes we’re more successful than other times and sometimes the connection is more evident and as a result is easier to capture. I love to think that these children will have these images in years to come as a record – a record of their parents’ love. A reminder of a love that existed when some of the people in those images may no longer exist.


When we’re on shoots, it often happens that the mother (unfortunatelty it’s usually the mother) is reluctant to be in the photos as she feels she’s a bit overweight or maybe she’s not feeling her best. We’ve all been there! The camera comes out and you hide or you make your excuses and protestations! Maybe you don’t have your make-up on or you’re having a bad hair day or you’re just not feeling that great. I get it! I know how you feel – I’ve been there many times! But I also know that your child (my child) won’t notice those extra pounds or the fact that you were having a bad hair day, feeling a bit rubbish. All they will see and feel is the love that you had for them in that moment. A love that they will remember forever because you chose to be in the picture. For that reason alone we need to try to get over our insecurities and be present in images for our children – to leave a legacy and a record of how much we truly loved in our lifetime!

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All images © Aine Teahan & Mark Byrne of And Baby Makes Three Photography

Have a wonderful weekend.

Aine x

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