Thank You to All of You -
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Thank You to All of You


Personalised Christmas Cards for all our clients © And Baby Makes Three Photography

This post goes out to all the wonderful clients who have trusted us to photograph their beautiful families this year. It’s hard to believe it but this has only been our first full year in business as And Baby Makes Three Photography. This time two years ago, sitting with Mark at my Mom’s kitchen table in Cork, the idea for And Baby Makes Three was hatched. We were then Allegria Photography and had been for 7 years. We were mainly photographing weddings but gradually over time more and more people were asking us to photograph their new families, entrusting us with their newborns and babies. As we sat there that night dreaming about the future and what we wanted from our lives, we realised that what we both felt truly passionate about was photographing newborns and babies and capturing that amazing family bond in the making.

It was on that night two years ago that we decided to take the plunge, to stop photographing weddings, and to rebrand as And Baby Makes Three. We decided to focus all our time, efforts and talent on photographing these beautiful new families and to capture this amazing time in people’s lives. I won’t lie, it was exciting to have come to this conclusion, but it was also very scary! Would there be enough business out there? Would we survive just photographing new families? Would people find us? These, and countless other questions, whirled around our heads, but deep down we knew we had to be true to ourselves and follow our passion. We had gone through a similar journey 10 years earlier when we made the decision (albeit a much, much scarier decision!) to leave our corporate jobs behind (IT for me, Banking for Mark) and pursue our dream of being photographers.

Last year I went off  to study with two of the best Newborn & Baby photographers out there – Carrie Sandoval & Brittany Woodall, collectively known as Baby as Art – and I learned so much! I’ll be sharing a lot more about the experience in the new year. Slowly but surely, we are getting our name out there and lots of lovely new families are finding us. It has been a wonderful journey and we know there’s still a long way to go but none of it would have been possible without you – you are the people who trust us with the most precious beings in your life and for that we will be forever grateful! Thank you.

We look forward to meeting many more newborns, babies and excited new parents in the new year.

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas and may 2015 bring all that you wish for.

♥ Aine & Mark

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