Newborn Baby Photography in the comfort of your own home
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2 Week Old Baby Amelia

Newborn Baby Photography in the comfort of your own home

Little 2 week old baby Amelia co-operated perfectly. She was awake for the first part of the shoot & then happily went off to sleep in order for us to get the sweetest snuggled up shots of her. I love these images of her with her parents – you can just sense the tenderness & emotion they feel for her. Up to 2 weeks old is such a perfect age to photograph a newborn – they are still so tiny & curled up and they just want to be held & cuddled. There’s also the added bonus that most newborns at this age will happily go off to sleep after they’ve been fed allowing for beautiful newborn portraits.


All images © Allegria Photography

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  • Tony

    10.04.2012 at 17:02 Reply

    Hi guys,

    Wonderful preview of the photos! We’re thrilled with the first images, if the rest are as good we’ll be over the moon. It was a great session, you really know how to deal with babies & nervous parents!


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