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I was challenged by a photography friend a couple of months ago to post a B&W image to Facebook for 5 consecutive days. I considered taking a new set of images but in the end I decided instead to go back through all my images of our little boy Oisín and pick out my favourites. An interesting thing that came out of this project was that when I looked back over all the images I had chosen, I realised that my favourite images were all of little moments that could have so easily slipped away had I not had a camera with me. Oisín is 6 now and although some of these images were taken as recently as last year it’s kind of heartbreaking to see how much he’s changed and how grown up he looks now by comparison!

It’s so easy to let time slip by, life gets in the way, we get busy, but it’s so important to make the effort to capture these little moments. You would think that because I’m a photographer that I would be really good at this but I have to make a conscious effort to take regular photos of Oisin but I’m human and sometimes this doesn’t happen for large chunks of time and I feel really guilty about it! Over the next few months I’m hoping to share some photography challenges to help all of us to be better at taking images of the ones we love on a more regular basis – so watch this space!


Day 1 | B+W challenge
This is one of my favourite images of Oisin. It was taken in Parknasilla last year on the morning of my birthday. It was taken after birthday snuggles in bed so it brings back some really lovely memories. It was taken with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic App.


Day 2 | B+W challenge
This is Oisin with my mom’s lovely dog Toby. Oisin is obsessed with both his Grandma & Toby and I love how this photo captures the special friendship they have. This photo was taken on a trip down to see Grandma in Cork – I went to look to see where Oisin was as he was being far too quiet! I found Oisin & Toby up on the couch looking out the window waiting for Grandma to come home. Thankfully I had my iPhone with me and managed to capture this before the moment was lost. It was taken with my iPhone and I applied an Instagram filter.


Day 3 | BW challenge
This is one of my favourite images of Oisín & Mark. It was taken on a trip on the Dart to Greystones in Co. Wicklow. I love how the two of them are lost in a moment & completely oblivious to the camera. It was taken with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic App.


Day 4 | BW challenge
This is a photograph I took a couple of years back in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork of Oisin with his gorgeous cousin Ben, my sister’s little boy. I love how close they are in this image and how happy they look. This was taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and my Canon 50mm lens.


Day 5 | BW challenge
I absolutely adore Oisin’s hair in this shot. His hair is getting straighter & straighter with each haircut so I cherish these photos with his big curly mop!
This was taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and my Canon 24-70mm lens.

All images © And Baby Makes Three Photography

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