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#LoveIsLoveIreland #MarRef #VoteYes

#LoveIsLoveIreland – An Update

Well the #LoveIsLoveIreland campaign has evolved a little since writing this post a couple of weeks ago. We now have a dedicated Facebook page where people can share their images. We started the #LoveIsLoveIreland campaign as we believe that all love is equal and everyone should be able to proclaim their love freely. We are asking people to share images of what love means to them. We are hoping that in sharing these images other people will be encouraged to do the same but more importantly that people will be motivated to actually go out and vote yes in the Marriage Equality Referendum on 22nd May.

If you’d like to take part it’s really easy to do. You can:
1. Post an image on the LoveIsLoveIreland Facebook page with the hashtag #loveisloveireland
2. Add a LoveIsLoveIreland Twibbon as your profile picture on Facebook and/or Twitter and post it on the LoveIsLoveIreland Facebook page
3. Like and share our Facebook page: LoveIsLoveIreland

We would love your help in getting this out there. We look forward to seeing your images.

Thanks so much for your help!

Aine & Mark x


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