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A lesson in food styling

I’ve been doing a little revamp of the blog over the last few weeks as I’d like to start sharing a bit more of what happens behind the scenes – a little glimpse into our life and home. I’d like the make the blog a bit more personal so that you get a feel for who we are as people and give a little more of an insight into our lives behind the camera. A big part of this is going to be a new section of the blog called ‘From Our Kitchen’ where I will share some of our favourite recipes with lovely images of the final products. I really love taking images of food and most of my personal projects at the moment seem to revolve around food – and not just eating it! So starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a gorgeous recipe for Spelt Bread from one of my favourite books ‘The Guilt-Free Gourmet‘, which includes some seriously gorgeous recipes, all without sugar, dairy & wheat. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


All images © And Baby Makes Three Image styled by Ciara O’ Halloran

Myself and my friend Ciara O’ Halloran had been talking for ages about doing some personal projects together. Ciara is a very talented stylist & musician and is such a creative person to work with. You can see some of her beautiful work on her website. So we finally decided on a bread-related shoot and got together in our house to have some creative fun. It was really great working on a purely personal project and it made me realise that I want to do more of them! We had set up a private board on Pinterest and shared ideas & concepts in advance of the shoot and came up with a loose theme. We didn’t want anything set in stone as we wanted to play around with the ingredients and props on the day but it was good to have some ideas to work on. Mark was happy to get involved too and kindly modelled his hands for one of the shots below! I’m including a few behind the scenes shots too as well as the finished shots as I know these are always the shots I love looking at.


I loved watching Ciara at work and I learned so much about food styling from her. It was amazing to see how much of a difference a tweak of an angle can make or what an extra sprinkling of seeds can do for a shot. Props make all the difference too. Ciara brought along some lovely props including a beautiful old French cookbook and some gorgeous cutlery (pictured). The gorgeous mixing bowl (also pictured) came from Mark’s mom. I only realised later that is an original from the 70s and Mark remembers his mom using tho bowl when he used to help her bake as a little boy – it made it all the more special when I heard that!


All images © And Baby Makes Three Image styled by Ciara O’ Halloran

We can’t take credit for baking the lovely bread! We bought that in Caviston’s in Glasthule which is just around the corner from us. It’s such an wonderful shop – if you haven’t been you should check it out. I will warn you though that you’ll probably leave with a lot more than you intended to buy! I love their fish, bread and they have a fantastic selection of cheese. I usually have my 5 year old Oisín with me when I go in and he seriously loves to chat & no matter how busy the staff are they’ll always stop to say hello to him. You don’t get that everywhere!


All images © And Baby Makes Three Image styled by Ciara O’ Halloran

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