Chocolate Nuggets Recipe -
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Chocolate Nuggets Recipe

Chocolate Nuggets

My weakness is chocolate! I try to be healthy for the most part but when I’m in need of some comfort food it’s chocolate that I crave. I usually eat dark chocolate as by all accounts it’s not so bad for you. I wanted to have a healthy(ish) chocolate snack in the house so I started making these dark chocolate nuggets a few months ago and it’s become a bit of a ritual – I now make a batch most weeks. I don’t feel too guilty though as they’re packed full of dried fruit, nuts, oats and dark chocolate, so they’re pretty good for you really!

They are so easy to make. You melt 2 bars of min. 70% dark chocolate (200g) in a bowl over some boiling water. Break in about 10-12 Nairns Oat Cakes (or any other brand you like). After that, what you add in is completely up to you. I usually throw in whatever we have in the cupboard, The last time I made them I added:

– Brazil Nuts

– Walnuts

– Almonds

– Soft Dates

– Dried Apricots

– Raisins

Other than the raisins, chop up all the ingredients roughly – you don’t want the pieces to be too small as the nuggets are nicer when they’re a bit rustic & there’s a bit of a bite to them. Mix all the ingredients into the melted chocolate. It’s just like making Rice Krispie buns – you want to get good chocolate coverage so just keep adding the ingredients until you’re happy with the consistency. I then spoon the mixture into a couple of silicone muffin trays that we have for making small muffins and stick them in the freezer. You could also use a couple of ice trays. I usually end up with about 30 nuggets. Store them in the freezer and just take them out as you need them – your (somewhat) guilt-free chocolate fix!

I usually have a little helper doing quality control for me – he seemed pretty happy with the last batch!

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