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8 Month Old Ivy

If I had to pick my favourite stages in the first year of a baby’s life to photograph it would have to be the newborn stage & in and around the 7-9 month mark. Babies are so full of character at this age, their personalities are really starting to show and they’re full of fun & smiles. Physically they’re strong enough to push themselves up when lying on their tummy and they can also sit independently, so there’s a lot of scope for lots of different shots. While we love photographing babies on their own, a huge part of what we do is to capture that bond & love between a family and this is such a brilliant age to capture that interaction.

Ivy’s photo session is a perfect example of all of this. She was so happy & smiley and all she wanted to do was play & have fun. She was interested in everything around her and it was really easy to catch her attention with her favourite toys or just with funny noises or expressions. Babies this age love slap stick humour and Mark & I are always happy to go to that silly place! We honestly leave on a high with sore faces from smiling so much. A couple of hours at a baby session is better than any happiness therapy out there!


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