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11 day old Baby Cillian

I think this shoot epitomises why I love newborn shoots. Do you remember those first few weeks after having your baby? I can’t quite explain it but you feel like you’re living in a bubble – a very happy bubble! The world goes on around you but you’re oblivious to it. You’re happy and safe tucked up in the nest you’ve made you for you and your family and you feel that the world can wait. I loved that feeling and that’s exactly the feeling we had when we went to meet Chani, Dave, Kai and gorgeous 11 day old baby Cillian. The outside world just ceased to exist. It felt safe & warm inside and the love that they had for this new little being & their happiness were palpable – we were delighted to be enclosed in that cocoon for a few hours.

Newborn-Baby-Photography-DublinNewborn-Baby-Photography-At-Home-DublinNewborn-Baby-Photography-DublinNewborn Baby Portrait Photography DublinNewborn-Baby-Photographers-DublinNewborn-Baby-Pictures-DublinNewborn-Photography-DublinNewborn-Baby-Photography-South-County-DublinNewborn-Baby-Photographs-Dublin-Ireland

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